Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tablets in the classroom

Tablets in the classroom can be extremely beneficial to students of all levels. Since roughly 2010 according to USA Today’s article “Tablets rewrite the classroom rules”, tablets have been effectively assisting teachers in the effort to better the classroom experience. Tablets allow a student to be more engaged in a classroom by allowing them to take notes on the tablet, which may seem more appealing than the traditional pen(cil) and paper; especially to students in high school and below. This gives them the perspective of using technology, rather than simply taking notes. Not only this, but tablets allow for a student to have access to a wide variety of resources while in the classroom, such as learning applications, or even polling apps which allows a teacher to know right away if a student is struggling. Also, let’s not forget the luxury of only having to carry a lightweight tablet in a book bag which can hold e-books, rather than lugging around multiple large textbooks at one time for numerous classes. The possibilities seem to be endless with beneficial value when it comes to tablets and the classroom. 

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