Sunday, May 10, 2015

YouTube and education

Based off of personal experience, YouTube has played a role in my college career, whether it is for in class lectures, projects, or even online course informational videos and projects. YouTube allows for a teacher to gain access to many beneficial videos that may help bind together a subject being taught, or even for group discussions. Also, YouTube allows for video assignments in the classroom. This proves to be very beneficial to teachers who are conducting an online class where face-to-face time is next to nonexistent. This gives students the opportunity to have some type of "interaction" with the teacher and his or her classmates in a way that is different from a simple post in a discussion or assignment. I personally would never have thought of YouTube playing a role in the classroom, but witnessing its advances for the betterment of a students education, I would not be surprised to see more out of them in a positive way for a classroom experience.

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